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Feb 4, 2013 2:30am PST
was put out in 2012 and it's been a while and about san francisco arrest stats i wanted us as a commission to hear the information and provide feedback as we have done tonight. to my understanding they held a long hearing on this issue and the chief was in attendance. >> it was a joint hearing with the police commission. >> there was a specific meeting about this specific report that was last year. human rights commission had a meeting on the human impact of drugs. >> and i was there. >> you were there, yes. >> because that is happening and another commission and affects our work that's i didn't wanted us to look at this report and give the chief a chance to respond and make the points you have made and thank you for that and i think the broader context as this relates -- you probably might have heard about this and i want to under score it. there is a professor michelle alexander and aclu attorney and "new jim crow" book and talked about the issues as it relates to drug issues and how that's a civil rights concern and that book has taken off and inspired a lot of people and lead to the
Feb 10, 2013 6:30am PST
sort of tweaking things that have come up. in addition, in the current year the mayor's office asked us to cut $1.5 million off of our base budget and we were able to do that with revenue solutions and some expenditure adjustments which did not impact operations or staffing. so, as you can see, our budget for next year, this is our revenue. and as you can see, most of our revenue comes from general fund, city support. state revenue on the 41 million is prop 172 public safety tax. our federal revenue is actually primarily the money that we get from the housing authority to provide the additional service there. it's hud money. the airport of course pays for all their services. other departments pay for our services. and then [speaker not understood] charges, those are just permits such as alarm, responding to alarms, thing like that. so, our next slide talks about how we spend all of our revenue and not surprisingly most of our revenue -- most of our expenditure is in salaries and fringe benefits, about 88% of our budget goes to staffing and nonpersonnel and professional services, it's ab
Feb 9, 2013 6:30am PST
but it will take us to december of december 18 to get to full staffing. so, i think you know, last year with the mayor's help we were able to get a lot of money to get up to full staffing. but as you can see, what would have happened, the purple line indicates what would have happened had we not been funded for all these academy classes. so, you can see that there was a recognition by the mayor's office as well as others that we really did need to hire. it's also interesting to note that this summer in june of 13 we will be at 1644 is a pretty low number. so, the good news is that the hiring plan is going very well. we've been able to recruit a lot of people. so, our goal for each year is 150 recruits. and the 30 that you see in 2012-13 are additional 30 positionses that the airport is funding. so far we've hired 110 people and they're in process. we've had a class of laterals and two full academy classes. we plan to hire 20 laterals in april and another 50 recruits in may. and our recivilianization plan, essentially the concept is that throughout the years we have lost civilian positio
Feb 9, 2013 10:30pm PST
positions for us, support for two positionses and some overtime. public utilities funds one position out at their new headquarters. the library is for overtime. and human service agency, we provide security at the location where food stampses are applied for. so that help them therethv moscone center as needed. treasure island and dpw on there, some security as dpw goes out in the neighborhood for a speedy abatement. so, our next slide talks about our positions. as i mentioned, you know about 89% of our budget is personnel. so, it's important to look at as our sworn fte. last year, we have 22 13 positions, sworn positions budgeted. next year we will be at 22 01, which seems a little downtowner intuitive, but we are in a major hiring initiatives. and the reason for that is is that we have more people retiring than we have hiring right now. civilian positions are going on, part of our recivilianization plan getting officers back to do patrol duties, and having civil yens be at headquarters basically. there is a breakdown of the airport and our other sworn officers and civilianses as well.
Feb 12, 2013 3:00am PST
that themselves, so. >> one more question. similar to the question officer loft us asked about, whether they're out of policy finding have been for the d.a., do you know just in recent history have they ever charged for an ois -- * >> charge an officer? >> um-hm. >> not -- just having reviewed like the last 10 years recently, certainly not in the last 10 years. i'm not offhand aware of a case where there's been a criminal charge. not in my memory. >> not mine either. okay. and then with the firearm discharge review board, you included a list of the composition of that board. and i wanted to ask if there's any changes in that composition. i remember a couple months ago we did talk with the chief, some of us, about including someone from training and potentially from tactics. i wondered if that is in here. >> this reflects the current structure. so, there haven't been any changes. this varies a little bit from the general order because it reflects the change in the department command structure so the general order is a little kind of off, it's a little behind the times a little bit in that reg
Feb 5, 2013 2:00am PST
. and continues to be a vital, out reach tool for us. and we have posted on the website, commonly asked questions and answers about the occs and we have a calendar of public out reach activity and our annual and quarterly reports to the police commission, our community out reach plan, informational prosures in english, and other languages. and our medation brochure in the top five targeted languages. the police commission hearing notice and 40 locations through san francisco where occ complaint forms can be obtained. for several years budgetary constraints have gotten in the way of on-line complaint filing but i am happy to report that is well under way. on-line complaint filing the development thereof. and we anticipate that we will be able to go live by the second quarter of this year. by june 30th. >> finally to the 2013, out reach goals and we will provide the services, and here in community members policy concerns and enhancing community pat ner ships. to more effectively reach larger audiences and continue to fulfill the out reach commission by relying on the staff presentations and distrib
Feb 2, 2013 10:00pm PST
. and interpole, again. and the u.s. department of defense. and another interpole. request. and us secret service request and in new york state university police, request. there were no violations of the guidelines discovered during the audit. there was one record of a request for investigation, relative to the hate crime unit involving a request for the f.b.i. to review and consider further investigation into a criminal assault of a gay man. in the area of training, lieutenant gracy provided documentation that the members of the special investigation division unit who participated in the approved dgo 8.10 investigation had received updated training. and there was documentation that said (inaudible) initiated or pending and we have discussed the recommendations with lieutenant gracy who agrees with them and seeking approval to institute these changes, and that concludes this report. questions? >> i have a quick one. the recommendations they found, like very good ideas to me is i am wondering now the status that the chief has the status of the recommendations from the occ. >> i have not seen the f
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)